Training Programs

“Empowering Educators”

Gurus … Our real transformers

Our country, known for its culture, festivals and tradition… One such heritage has been our education system…right from the vedic day, and it doesn’t require a mention that all this was driven and treasured by our Gurus (our teachers)… with revolution loads have changed however teachers are still the souls that are nurturing and growing our future each single day.

We at Subconscious Synergies are truly grateful to teachers for their immense contribution towards designing our society so beautifully and with this we also understand the challenges that teachers are facing today in managing multiple tasks with ever growing expectation of people from them…

Program for Educators 

  1. Learn how to stay in peak state of performance consistently
  2. Helps understand the basic requirement of a student on emotional level
  3. Powerful tools, that helps stay focus on personal and professional goals
  4. Techniques to manage negative emotions, for positive well being

“Student Success Program”

We are, where our future is  Parents always would want to provide the best to their children, so that they excel…. Excel in academics, sports and most important… IN LIFE … however we sometimes do fall short … not may be with materialistic provisions, but bringing in right values, discipline and sense of responsibility amongst children… Here we have made a small effort to inculcate certain learning that can work wonders for children if followed correctly, not only in academics but also in life. 1 Day power packed workshop for students that can help them to…
  1. Understand the Power of the Mind
  2. Help program your child consciously for Success and Happiness
  3. Mind Power techniques for your child’s success
  4. How to recite Spellings and Paragraphs easily
  5. How to study with Fun yet with fast recovery
  6. How to have Stress-free and Joyful academic life
  7. Age Group: 10 -18 yrs

“Peaceful Parenting”

Parenting… a Beautiful Journey… 

It begins the day we ‘think’ about being a parent… and goes on for life…In the process to carry, raise and nurture a child to a boon to mankind… one has to go through a ‘process’… a process that’s a combination of joy, fulfilment, fun at the same time challenging and uttimes complex

Subconscious Synergies is a team of facilitators that works towards sharing a bit of responsibility with you in managing such Challenges n complex situations… to make this journey enjoyable, full of love and most important PEACEFUL

1 Day Transformational Workshop for 21st Century Parents

  1. Understand the Power of the Mind
  2. How to program your child consciously for Success and Happiness
  3. How to apply the Mind Power techniques for your Child’s success
  4. also for your own success in Health, Wealth and Relationships
  5. How to deal with your own emotions and the child’s emotions
  6. ‍‍‍How to become a MINDFUL Parent ensuring Success and Happiness for the entire family

“Unleash The Power Within”

As the name so the experience POWER, when we speak about power, all we visualize is strong personalities, huge structures or perhaps strong people; we all may have our own perspective… However at our workshop when we speak about Powers, we mean to introduce our participants to their own hidden powers… Live Life by design and not as destined We human beings conveniently get into a zone wherein we feel lot of things are not going right or not going the way we want it to happen, we start to believe that we don’t have any access over our lives and start to live the life as “Destined”, however we at our workshop break all such beliefs, that are holding people from leading a meaningful and successful life which is apparently our right and we all deserve it by all means… As the tagline suggest it’s all about experience… however given herewith are the highlights of the workshop
  1. Learn the difference between Conscious and Subconscious Mind and their Powers.
  2. Blueprints stored in our Subconscious Mind about our Health, Wealth, Relationships and Self Image.
  3. How to reprogram our Mind in the required areas to perform at our Peak Potential.
  4. Find your Life Purpose and lead a Happier, Healthier and more Successful life.
  5. Learn Powerful Mind Tools and Techniques to overcome negative emotions and stay focused on our Goal Achievement.