Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

Sugar Glider Toy Box/Northern Lights. Sugar glider toy box Comes with fleece strips Approximately 10x10x13 Message me if you would like one in a different print that I have in my shop. Some of my fabric is limited. Thank you for visiting my shop. Sugar glider toy box。Comes with fleece strips。Approximately 10"x10"x13"。Message me if you would like one in a different print that I have in my shop. Some of my fabric is limited.。Thank you for visiting my shop!!!。

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights
Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights
Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights
Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights
Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights
Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

About Company

Subconscious Synergies

Power of Mind & Power of Collaboration

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights,Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights,Sugar glider toy box Comes with fleece strips Approximately 10x10x13 Message me if you would like one in a different print that I have in my shop, Some of my fabric is limited, Thank you for visiting my shop, Buy direct from the factory Guaranteed 100% Authentic Excellence quality the Best Quality, the Fastest Fulfillment. BoxNorthern Lights Sugar Glider Toy

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

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Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

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Our Goals

  To provide world class training to all our beneficiaries from domain experts at pocket friendly prices.
  Offline and online support to our beneficiaries to ensure success in achieving their respective goals.
  Create a platform for empaneled trainers and support them with assured training projects consistently.
  Offer excellent revenue sharing opportunities to our project sourcing associates.

Meet Our Team

Naresh Rangwani

Chairman and Managing Director  
“Transformation Coach and Human Potential Trainer”

A continuous learner who likes to take his life challenges head on, Naresh decided to shift from his 23 years of corporate career to make a difference to his own life and of those around him. He got into the field of training and education in July 2016 and acquired many certifications from following trainers and mentors:

  1. Certified as Transformation Coach to conduct Mind Power and Parenting Seminars & Workshops by Mr. Sunil Parekh (Rise Development Academy).

  2. Advanced Memory & Students NLP Trainers Program by Mr. Ram Verma (Midas Touch).
  3. Train The Trainer program for “Education based Digital Marketing” by Mr. Rajesh Ramola (RRTS).
His life purpose is “To inspire and empower people to lead meaningful and purpose driven lives at their peak potential” through his transformational seminars and workshops”. Naresh brings wealth of experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Project Management in industries like Banking, Education, Training, Office Automation and Logistics. He has worked with reputed companies like HSBC Bank, HDFC Bank, DHL and Canon. He has trained more than 10,000 people during his stint in Leadership positions on various products, services, processes and sales & closing techniques. Being a team player, Naresh completely believes in synergy and collaboration. He creates mutually beneficial and win-win proposals for all those who have and would like to associate with his company and mission. His main objective of launching “Subconscious Synergies Pvt. Ltd” is to create a very powerful hybrid marketing platform (digital and physical) to offer excellent learning and earning opportunities to his company associates – Trainers, Coaches and Sales & Marketing ambassadors.

Hema Ahuja

Head Corporates
“Transformation Coach and Certified DMIT Counsellor”

Domain Expertise: Mind Power & Life Skills Training (Effective Communication, Stress Management & Time Management) Hema, has been associated with corporate industry for more than 15 years. It was few years back she found her purpose in life… a Purpose to empower people to live happy and meaningful life. Hema has been training in corporates in Content and SoftSkills, another name for her could be ‘Customer Care’, this justifies her after her long journey of 15 years so far in customer service industry… with companies like GTL Limited, Orange Business Services, Network 18… however she believes that designation, profile or a position are just the titles to define roles in respective verticals, the matter of fact is we all are first the ‘LEARNERS’, our experiences, challenges and time teaches us a lot in life … and then …  the day comes when we develop a need to share all this with others, and that though brought out that ‘Trainer’ in her, a Trainer who can make a difference to people

Her Voice: Our teaching begins from the day we open our eyes in this wonderful world and never really ends and that’s its beauty. In this journey we meet many people, few become our friends, most of them remain our colleagues and a few just happen to be there for an interim, if we have a ‘sense’ of learning active in us, we would try to learn from all of them. I was Fortunate to meet many such people that added value and meaning to my life, right from my teachers in school, to talent gurus in art class to my mentor in service industry, through different learning experiences during management course or various training programs & seminars … well!… I am still LEARNING…

Rashmi Tamboli

Head Institutions

“Transformational Coach, NLPand Advanced Memory & Students NLP Trainer”

Domain Expertise: Advanced Memory Techniques ,  Mind Power and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Pharmacy (B’Pharmacy) from Mumbai University

Rashmi Tambolihas abeen with Corporates, for more than 15 years , She has been associated with reputed International Pharmaceuticals like CIPLA, PFIZER and TEVA &is now on Mission to Transform people to achieve their Dream Future. While working with Corporates at Managerial positions, Rashmi identified the need and importance of Handling Human Emotions in order to be Successful and Happy in Life. This is how ,she started learning and Knowing more about it through various modes. Soon, she identified her Purpose of Life and started journey towards her identified Mission, to help people identify their true powers and value through “ Trainings”.

Towards her mission, knowing the importance of Knowledge, she is Certified through Qualified Mentors and Institutions.

  • Certified “ NLP Master Practitioner Cum Coach ”by RAM VERMA (Midas Touch)
  • Certified “Advanced Memory & Student NLP trainer ” by Ram Verma (Midas Touch)
  • Certified “Mentalphysics Trainer (Second Level)”
  • Certified “Business Communication Skills” by Dale Carnegie & Associates

As a “Trainer “she desires to give back to Society the powerful Knowledge gained via Certifications and her additional Life Lessons,thus making Human Life beautiful while being  alive on this Planet Earth. 

Her Voice: When you focus and believe in good things of Life it will definitely give you good Surprises   “Subconscious Synergies Pvt. Ltd”  is one such experience of my Life as a Trainer.

“Sooner the Better” believing this, she loves to share the Knowledge with Children ,helping them to live their Childhood and create Happy memories for Future to cherish while gaining Success in Life.

Gunavati Karkera

Head Projects
“Transformation Coach and Human Potential Trainer”

Guna comes with 30 years plus experience in the area of Retail Branch Banking & Broking, Business development in liability and asset, credit administration, Branch Operations, Process, Audit, Compliance, control &  P L Management. Career spanning from large size cooperative bank to leading private sector banks & Broking across diversified functions. Business Management Graduate from NIM and certified banking professional CAIIB & PGD in Financial Planning from IIB&F. A certified professional in AMFI, IRDA and NCFM. Diploma in KYC/AML & Foreign Trade from IIB&F. Leader with excellent communication & motivation skills; passion for perfection and ability to apply competitive & innovative strategies & training & empowering employees to perform at their peak potential. Capable of developing a high performance work culture enabled by an open, congenial and empowering environment She has worked with renowned & strong reputed companies like HDFC Bank, ING Vyasa Bank now Kotak Mahindra Bank, Dhanlaxmi Bank & Angel Broking Pvt. Ltd.  People management has been her forte which included Communication Leadership Delegation, Motivation, Training, & Performance Feedback. She is the Ambassador of the Pinkathon group which believes in empowering woman & conducts free training session once a week. Health is of primary importance & now has become her passion for which there is no looking back…it’s a road ahead.

Voice: I believe that each one of us should have a purpose in life. Inspite of working in the corporate world for 30 years never felt that strong sense of living with a purpose as I do now after being with Subconscious Synergies where we believe in empowering people through mind power to live life to their fullest. We all are born with a unique purpose & identifying that purpose was my goal & here I am. We as a team in Subconscious Synergies have come together as our purpose in life is in so sync with each other & we share a camaraderie that I have not experienced in any work place. I am a mother. I am a Runner. I work. I Cook. I Clean. I cuddle. I Love. And then I run. Or I run before it all starts. I have Goals. But I also have priorities. I set good example for my child. I strive for balance, happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Running does not make me a selfish mom but makes me a happy mom. Running makes me a better MOM & a better Human Being. I inspire people with my stories so that they are transformed to live their life in the most happy& beautiful way. I believe each one of us have our own guidance system within us to give direction to our aimless life. I am an ardent traveler & like to blog with minute details & pictures of my adventures. Travelling makes me tell stories that have never been written before. and create happy memories for Future to cherish.

Vision & Mission


“To Inspire and Empower people to lead Meaningful and Purpose driven lives at their Peak Potential”.


“To work in Collaboration with like-minded people for bringing Transformation in the lives of Ten Million people in areas of their Health, Wealth, Success and Relationships by 31st December, 2038 through our training and education programs”.

Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights

Sugar glider toy box Comes with fleece strips Approximately 10x10x13 Message me if you would like one in a different print that I have in my shop, Some of my fabric is limited, Thank you for visiting my shop, Buy direct from the factory Guaranteed 100% Authentic Excellence quality the Best Quality, the Fastest Fulfillment.
Sugar Glider Toy BoxNorthern Lights